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Tar and Feathers by James N TannerTar and Feathers: Tragedy in the Oil Sands

by James N. Tanner

The novel, Tar and Feathers, exposes the truths behind the claims of dirty oil from the Tar Sands of northern Alberta. Inside a gripping tale of personal tragedy the author provides an inside look at the frightening environmental effects of the world’s largest industrial project on tiny Dene and Cree villages. The stories are fictional but the themes are part of everyday life close to these huge strip mines.

The controversies have filled newspapers for many years but it has been hard if not impossible to decipher the plight of the peoples through the infomercial media presentations. Now through Tar and Feathers the reader can discover the gut wrenching emotions behind the character assassination of whistle blowers, the millions of dollars in paid advertisements and the indifference to the grave cancer epidemic.

Tar and Feathers is a fictional story which really focuses on aboriginal women attempting to protect their language, culture and health from the world oil greed and the consuming power of modern industrialization.

Footprints on the Land by James N TannerFootprints on the Land

by James N. Tanner & Alice Rigney

This book is full of striking pictures of the Elders and the land use of the Denesoline people. It records the early history and legends and then, with photos and stories of life in the Boreal forest, their forest, the recent harvesting is described.

Some Effects of Oil Sands Development by James N TannerSome Effects of Oil Sands Development on the Traditional Economy of Fort McKay

by James N. Tanner, C. Cormack Gates & Bertha Ganter

‘Some Effects’ was the first traditional land use study done in the region combining GIS mapping with loss of use assessment. The book contains maps of berry picking sites, moose and trapping locations used by the First Nation peoples. These sites are compared to the oil sands mines footprints and an assessment of loss is provided.

Dare to be the Best by James N TannerDare to be the Best

by James N. Tanner & Leonard Coad

Published in 1992, this assessment of the industrial policies of Canada, contained a recipe for escaping the economic doldrums of the early 1990s. The main thrust of the fiscal and monetary policies recommended in the book was implemented when Paul Martin was Minister of Finance of the Government of Canada.

Kai' Kos' Dehseh DeneKai’ Kos’ Dehseh Dené
(The Red Willow River (Christina Rive) People

by James N. Tanner

Kai’ Kos’ Dehseh Dené describes the history of the Dene people of the region using pictures obtained from the community and from archival research by Tracey Tanner. The book contains land use maps, Elder interviews and some description of the changes the people have experienced.

Here is a special series of books authored by James Tanner that were published by the Canadian Research Institute.

Canadian Crude Oil Supply/Demand Balancesby James N. Tanner and Anthony E. Reinsch
Published: August, 1989

This book is about the Canadian Oil Supply as of the 1980s.

Reserves of Hydrocarbons in Alberta: A Review of Canadian Petroleum Association and Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board Estimates and Methodologyby James N. Tanner
Published: November, 1986

This book compares the methods used to estimate oil and gas reserves used by private and public institutions in Canada.

An Evaluation of Crude Oil Supply in Saskatchewanby James Tanner
Published: December, 1987

This book defines supply curves for oil in Saskatchewan given the technologies of the time.

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