Agreement reached between Carry the Kettle First Nation and TransCanada

Carry the Kettle

Carry the Kettle First Nation History is one of the most tragic and devastating of any First Nation in Canada. These Nakota People endured two massacres from White Wolvers, one in the Sweetgrass Hills in Montana and one in the Cypress Hills in Canada. They experienced several waves of deadly diseases reducing their population to a small percentage of the previous numbers. They endured the starvation and strife of the destruction of their buffalo herds and other game and finally when they signed Treaty and were allocated a reserve they were thrown off their reserve and forced to march in a trail of tears to an Indian grave yard in a stark prairie where they were forced to live. Then, when one of their Chiefs died the Government took half their remaining lands away and sold it to settlers. Then they suffered the permit system and the residential school system and many other atrocities. It is a tribute to their character and determination that they have survived these events and now with the new Constitutional Rights, land claims and now a new agreement with TCFPL the First Nation is about to enter into a new era. This era will help them heal and grow with new recreational facilities, an Elder’s Lodge and emergency services facilities. This combined with their previous land claims and recent successes will provide a much brighter future for this great Nation.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the negotiations between CTK and TCPL.

The Practicalist and Practicalism


Economic experience has given birth to, until now, an un-named school. This school has been created out of necessity and practical experimentation. For lack of any other appropriate title I have used the name Practicalism. Perhaps the best definition of this idea is that it is economic innovation or problem solving without adherence to ideology or dominant theories. In that sense the method or principle of Practicalism is functionality or in simpler terms – an economic solution that actually works.

Does Government Debt = Money? “Forgive us our debts” or “Forgive us our trespasses”

Canadian Debt

Perhaps one of the most dangerous and lingering myths perpetrated by anti-government thugs is the idea that government debt is bad or that debt is bad in general. Debt is and always has been an essential part of organized human relationships. It is not inherently bad but instead is a key and natural part since the beginning of human economic relationships.

Historical and anthropological scholars proposed that debt preceded money and is really the first fundamental form of human economic interaction; it is part of the human condition which has always been and always will be. Debt relationships exist without currency; and they existed before currency.

Canadian Infrastructure Financing

Canadian Infrastructure Financing


1) Reports have indicated that there is a large and growing infrastructure deficit in Canada.

2) The Canadian Federal Government has recently committed to spending several billion dollars in infrastructure over the next ten years.

The first question is why was Canada in such a deficit problem? The second why are governments only willing to expedite such funding in downturns in the economy?

Canadian Industrial Policy

Canadian Industry

It is time that we Canadians reassert our sovereignty over our economy again. Over the last 40 years the Canadian economy has been drifting without the guidance of the public interest. Our governments have reneged on their responsibility to guide the economy, to encourage investment and ingenuity in areas which will diversify and balance economic activity. We have been left to the vagaries of the market which have been dominated by our larger trading partners. Canadian sovereignty is compromised by these pervasive market interests.