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Jim Tanner is an economist specializing in resource valuations, aboriginal economics, business organization and development, energy economics and policy and macro-economic policy. His focus on Aboriginal issues includes performing traditional land use studies, aboriginal negotiations and assessing losses from Aboriginal and Treaty infringements.

Jim has a strategy for economic solutions he calls Practicalism, which excludes following ideological dogma and focus on solutions that work.

Jim is married to Cathi and they have two daughters, Caroline and April. Jim’s hobbies are playing and teaching tennis, fixing and learning about mechanical stuff, learning about languages and history and antiquity. He has a long work history included in his resume.

To learn more about Jim and his expertise evolving around Aboriginal Law, Economics and more, please visit our other site, Twin River Consulting.

Recent Publications by James

Tar and Feathers

The novel, Tar and Feathers, exposes the truths behind the claims of dirty oil from the Tar Sands of northern Alberta.

Footprints on the Land

This book is full of striking pictures of the Elders and the land use of the Denesoline people.

Effects of Oil Sands Development

Some Effects’ was the first traditional land use study done in the region combining GIS mapping with loss of use assessment.

Videos & Interviews

Interview with James – Part 1

In part 1 we get to know James N Tanner. We will hear about what brought him to this field of study, as well as why he continues to focus on the work that he does.

Interview with James – Part 2

In part 2, we will learn about a deficit in consultation and how it influenced James to begin the work that he is still doing to this day.

Interview with James – Part 3

Part 3 of our interview with James talks about traditional land use and measuring infringement.